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We turnkey manufacture custom control systems that are built to your specifications and requirements. – Safety Quality Teamwork

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  Safety Quality Teamwork

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Diverter Controls

Diverter Unit

We custom design and manufacture Diverter Control Units according to your specifications and requirements,  The Diverter Control Unit is a free standing skid unit that provides an easy access point to function the Diverter.

Where applicable, the control system shall be capable of switching the diverted flow from one vent line to the other (e.g., port to starboard) while the diverter packer is closed without shutting in the well.


Features & Options

Manipulator Valves provide a means to manually function the Diverter from a local panel, should communication were to be lost.


Gauges are used to visually monitor the system pressure and Needle Valves are used to isolate a circuit for servicing, push buttons control the pressure of the regulated circuits, and Block & Bleed Valves provide a safe means to perform maintenance on the system.

Operating the system is carried out at local Operator panel or the various HMI Panels (MCS, DCP, and TCP). The PDU provides the electrical supply, the HPU & RMU provide the hydraulic supply, and the pneumatic supply comes from rig supplied air.


HMC Instrumentation & Controls

– Safety Quality Teamwork

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