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Our motto reminds us to always put safety first, to work together as a team and to consistently provide quality products and services to our customers.  We stand behind our work and we take pride in everything we do! 

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  Safety Quality Teamwork

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Inspection Service

HMC offers inspection services. Onshore, offshore, international and domestic our inspectors have logged thousands of hours performing inspection for our clients including MT, PT, UT, VT, PHASED ARRAY, HARDNESS & TPI.


Our NDT inspectors are certified to American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level III and Level II. Our NDT service utilizes a variety of advanced equipment capable of performing quality inspections for virtually any form of ferrous material, component, or assembly in the in the field. Our highly-trained staff of certified inspectors utilize advanced instrumentation and data reporting capabilities to quickly and accurately detect and identify flaws and measure material depth for a variety of applications in the oil & gas industry.

Upon completion of our inspection our client will receive a certificate of conformance certifying the integrity of their project. This includes all documentation and data collected during the inspection process.More information

  • Magnetic Particle or MT: For ferromagnetic materials such as castings, weldments, turbine components, forgings, and machined or stamped parts, this is one of the most sensitive nondestructive examinations.


  • Ultrasonic Inspection or UT:  With this method, NDT inspectors only need access to one side of a material. A transducer sends the ultrasound through the sample and the inner wall of a defect surface will send the wave bouncing back. It is also very portable and efficient.


  • Phased Array:  Phased array probes typically consist of a transducer assembly with from 16 to as many as 256 small individual elements that can each be pulsed separately. These may be arranged in a strip (linear array), a ring (annular array), a circular matrix (circular array), or a more complex shape. As is the case with conventional transducers, phased array probes may be designed for direct contact use, as part of an angle beam assembly with a wedge, or for immersion use with sound coupling through a water path

HMC Instrumentation & Controls

Safety Quality Teamwork


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HMC also rents equipment used to detect flaws and measure depth of material for a wide variety of applications in the oil & gas industry. Request a Quote

phased array
phased array

Equipment for Inspection

Our inspectors travel anywhere in the world inspecting a wide range of equipment. Onshore or offshore, domestic or international, HMC Instrumentation & Controls inspectors are highly experienced industry professionals.

RESPONSE TIME: We respond quickly to your order for inspections and can have our personnel onsite in as little as a couple hours in some cases.

When you need qualified support, call the professionals.


– Safety Quality Teamwork


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